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Latest News

Music and Exercise

You do not have to go far inside the Y to realize that many people prefer to listen music when exercising. For most people the attraction is the pleasant diversion that the music provides from their workout; however, the benefits of exercising to music go beyond the psychological effects. Music can have a physiological impact […]

Prediabetes and You, a Hidden Risk

Tuesday, March 26, is American Diabetes Association (ADA) Alert Day®, and the Central Connecticut Coast YMCA, wants residents to know their risk for prediabetes and type 2 diabetes, as well as preventive steps they can take today to reduce the chances of developing the disease. In the United States alone, diabetes affects over 30 million […]

Snacking the Healthy Way!

For children, snack time is not only enjoyable, but necessary. It is important for kids eat snacks during the day so they don’t get hungry or low on energy. It is also important to make sure that snack foods are not just fun and tasty, but nutritious too! This can be tricky when children ask […]