A Report on the Y’s Impact


A Report on the Y’s Community Impact

December 31, 2013

Dear Friends,

It is with great pride that I share with you the strong impact made by the Central Connecticut Coast YMCA in 2013! With a special focus on youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility, the Y served 87,000 kids, families, and adults in twenty five towns and cities including Bridgeport and New Haven.

Character development is at the heart of the Y’s mission, and the values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility were modeled and taught to 32,000 youth in 2013. Through participation in programs including child care, youth sports, summer camping, and Youth in Government, character was built and positive values were reinforced.

Defined as the difference in academic performance between low-income kids and their more privileged peers, the education achievement gap begins early in life for many children. In 2013, the Y made great strides in closing the gap for 1,230 low-income children through the our 8 school-readiness programs, 38 after-school programs and 10 summer camp programs with a special focus on developing reading and writing skills. This represents an increase of 15% in the number of children served as compared to 2012.

The Y has been teaching kids how to swim and be safe around the water for decades. In 2013, 7,441 children participated in Y swimming lessons and water safety education programs representing an increase of 13% as compared to 2012.

Overweight, obesity, physical inactivity, and poor nutrition affect most in our community. About one in four of our neighbors are pre-diabetic, and many do not realize the serious health consequences of leading an unhealthy lifestyle. In 2013, 46,304 youth and adults participated in health, wellness, education, physical activity and diabetes prevention programs and services. This represents an increase of 34% in the number served as compared to 2012.

Chronic homelessness is a challenge faced by many families and adults, particularly in Bridgeport and New Haven. With a large team of social workers and an inventory of 415 apartments, the Y continues to serve as the largest provider of affordable and supportive housing in the state. In 2013, the Y and our partners reduced chronic homelessness by 12% in Bridgeport and New Haven.

As a source and resource for affordable programs and services, $2.8M in financial assistance was provided to 5,691 financially disadvantaged kids, families, and adults enabling participation in important Y programs or services.

I offer my special thanks to our partners, donors, staff, and the 995 committed volunteers who donated 30,055 hours of their time to help the Y fulfill its mission which is:

To put Judeo-Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind, and body for all.

With best wishes,

David Stevenson, President & CEO

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