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It’s so important to stick to your regular routine as much as possible! Wake up and go to bed as you usually would, eat at regular meal times, and continue connecting with the Y! Please check-in to our Virtual Y each time you participate in a Virtual Y activity or workout in at home. This is especially crucial for our insurance-based members, be sure to check-in  and utilize our fitness videos, fitness tips, challenges, and live stream class workouts. If you have more than one Y member in your household, please be sure the check-in everyone by filling out the form with their information, too, then scroll for all our Virtual Y Wellness options!

Please check-in to your Virtual Y Wellness Center

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The Y has always been a place for people to connect and belong, in these strange times, we are learning new ways to do that.  Regular exercise is one component of a healthy lifestyle that can help reduce stress and prevent illness. Even though you can’t visit the Y, we want you to stay healthy! We have a variety of at-home exercises, new workouts and healthy activities for you to try, maybe even with your family. Please keep checking back here. We add new classes, programs and challenges every week. Scroll for all the options!

Fitness From Our Virtual Y Wellness Instructors

Live Stream Classes with Your Friends Join us for daily classes through Zoom! To use Zoom, a free video conferencing platform, follow the link below or use the Meeting ID and Password to join the class.  Have fun and keep fit! Meeting ID: 649-197-4012 / Password: 936974   Classes will begin at the time shared. Please login in advance of the start time, using your first and last name. There is a virtual ‘waiting room’ for participants. Once we can verify that you’re not a robot, we’ll invite you to continue. Once the class begins, you will be unable to log in.

Active Older Adult Classes are available for all ages and all member types including Silver Sneakers, Renew Active and Silver and Fit.

Monday 7:30am Body Sculpting w/Colleen

Monday 9:00am Boot Camp w/Jenn

Monday 10:30am Chair Yoga w/Joanne

Monday 5:00pm Pilates w/Joanne

Monday 6:00pm Zumba w/Danielle

Tuesday 7:45am Yoga w/Jo

Tuesday 9:00am Abs Express w/Jenn

Tuesday 10:30am Active Older Adult Fit w/Jenn

Tuesday 5:00pm Yoga w/Joanne

Wednesday 7:30am Body Sculpting w/Colleen

Wednesday 9:00am Balance & Flex Together w/Jenn

Wednesday 10:30am Chair Yoga w/Joanne

Wednesday 5:00 Workout Express

Wednesday 6:00pm Boot Camp w/Jenn

Thursday 7:45am Yoga w/Jo

Thursday 9:00am Non-Stop Tabata w/Jenn

Thursday 10:30am Active Older Adult Fit w/Jenn

Thursday 5:00pm Yoga w/Joanne

Friday 9:00am Cardio Barre w/Jenn

Friday 10:00am Zumba Gold w/ Pauline

Friday 5:00pm Cardio Barre w/Joanne

Saturday 9:00am Non-Stop Tabata w/Jenn

Saturday 10:30am AOA Fit w/Jen/Joanne/Colleen

Sunday 8:00am Body Sculpting w/Colleen

Video Work Outs

Chair Work Out, Lakewood-Trumbull, Joanne Orenstein, Health & Wellness Coordinator

Planking, Woodruff Family YMCA, Jennifer Fleischer, Health & Wellness Coordinator

Pilates, Lakewood-Trumbull YMCA, Joanne Orenstein, Health & Wellness Coordinator

Fitness Tips

Your Y At Home for Active Older Adults – Stay Connected to Your Y Community While Practicing Social Distancing! The Y has always brought people together. During a time of community-mandated closures and recommendations to shut down programs and limit gatherings, Ys are maintaining connections with their communities at a distance online.

Walking Tips, Woodruff Family YMCA, Jennifer Fleischer, Health & Wellness Director

Mindfulness Tips

YMCA Coloring Sheets

Virtual Fitness Streaming


Click on the Silver Sneaker image for a library of Active Older Adult virtual fitness programs!





Click on YMCA Thrive image for a library of virtual fitness programs offered by YMCAs in Canada.



Click on Matrix image for library of virtual Matrix Master Trainer Home Workouts.