Give for a Better Us

Everyday, the Y is there, for ALL, in time of need.

Now, more than ever, the Central Connecticut Coast YMCA, is committed to serving the members of our community. Caring for our youth, ensuring the safety and well being of our members while meeting their educational, mental, physical and emotional health needs. In a time of national crisis, this is something we cannot do alone. We need your support to sustain and deliver these life saving measures.

Now, more than ever, please consider making a difference in the lives of others, and Give today, for a Better Us!

When you donate to the Central Connecticut Coast YMCA Annual Campaign Annual Campaign, you help us provide kids and families in our community with the programs and services they need to thrive.


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While we are temporarily closed, all memberships are on hold. We are not charging accounts.  Many members have chosen to support the Y by maintaining their membership through this crisis.

To maintain your Y membership through this crisis. Please email us and tell us it’s ok to keep your membership active.


I really miss the Y. Please do not refund any part of my prepaid membership.  I can only hope others continue to pay their Y membership, and consider a donation, because what you do at the Y is so important in our community. ~ Phyllis Fitzpatrick, Fairfield Y Member


Thank you for the consideration that you are extending your Y members, regarding our monthly membership dues. However, we are requesting that you charge the account as you normally would.   My husband and I believe that we have a social responsibility to continue supporting organizations that are an important part of building stronger communities.  Part of that social responsibility pact includes people, like us, who readily have the financial resources to keep the economy going should be spending that money, especially in the community that we call home. Please let us know if you will be holding any fundraisers in the future so that we may help in other ways. ~Anna Michele Young- Torello, Hamden/North Y Member


A client, currently living in a rehabilitation center recently contacted the Alpha Community Services YMCA team and shared that he “can’t wait to get back home, his home for 24 years. The Crescent was made possible by the YMCA and I am so thankful for them. The Y and that building saved my life, and the people and the staff have been absolutely amazing. It’s truly been a blessing.” ~John G., Alpha Community Services YMCA


My husband and I spoke and we decided to continue to support the Y during this difficult time. We will go ahead and donate our membership for April. ~Stratford Y Member


An after-school parent was so touched when they received a call by the Stratford YMCA, that they asked to we continue their tuition on top of donating $100 to our Annual Campaign to help cover the cost of us helping those in need. ~Stratford Y Member


Yes, please keep us active. We’re so appreciative of not only our membership/enjoyment of the facilities like the gym, pool and swimming lessons but to the community support you’ve provided throughout the years. Here’s to flattening the curve! ~Steele/Gray family


Please continue our YMCA membership. ~Jeff Jones, Woodruff Family YMCA Member and Central Connecticut Coast YMCA Board of Trustee Member


Please keep our membership active. I hope all our YMCA staff are well.  We miss everyone and can’t wait to get back. ~ Michael, and Bridget Gonzales, Valley YMCA Members


I love the YMCA and will keep my membership going each month. Thank you. ~Kim Bloom, Valley YMCA


Thank you for your recent update and please continue my YMCA membership.  The Y is a special place and has met my needs beautifully!  Looking forward to returning when all is well. ~Monica Allen, Hamden/North Haven Y Member


We would like you to keep charging our membership fees during the time you are closed. We agree that it is important to keep supporting the YMCA! ~Nathan Havill, Hamden/North Haven Y Member


Yes, please keep our membership open! We are happy to continue to support the Y and its mission in the community. ~Jenny Chavira, Hamden/North Haven Y Member


Hello!  Please keep our membership active. We are happy to support the Y during this difficult time. ~The Weese Family, Hamden/North Haven Y Member


I come to you as a Silver Sneakers member, please maintain my membership I have really enjoyed your classes and absolutely miss them. ~Antoinette [toni] Van Loan, Fairfield Y Member


After emailing our local Y to term our membership due to Covid 19 we decided to keep our membership active for the duration. We just wanted to help those who were helping others during this time.~Anonymous Soundview Family Y Member


Please keep our account active! We love the Y! Best, Melody Moccia, Woodruff Family Y Member