Strong Swimmers Confident Kids Swim Lessons

swim familyFind a class that fits your family’s busy schedule!

Swim lessons provide important life skills that could save a life and will benefit students for a lifetime. Give your child or yourself the opportunity to have fun, develop confidence and learn how to stay safe in and around the water.

Our Y swim instructors are nationally certified. Their training includes CPR, AED, First Aid and Oxygen Administration.

Weekday sessions run for two weeks Monday through Thursday for a total of 8 lessons. Each lesson is 30 minutes. Makeups due to weather occur on the Friday of each week.

Weekend sessions run for three weeks on Saturday & Sunday for a total of 6 lessons. Each lesson is 40 minutes. Makeups due
to weather occur on the 4th weekend of each session.

Per session Fee: $98 Member / $196 Program Participant. Register now! Please sign up online, visit us in-person, or call us at 203-445-9633. Any questions please contact our Aquatics Coordinator, Emily Struzik at

Weekday Sessions—(Monday-Thursday)
Session 1: June 10-June 21
Session 2: June 24-July 5
Session 3: July 8-July 19
Session 4: July 22-August 2
Session 5: August 5-August 16

Stage 1 Water Acclimation 5:00-5:30pm Preschool & School Age

Stage 2 Water Movement 5:40-6:10pm Preschool & School Age

Stage 3 Water Stamina 6:20-6:50pm Preschool & School Age

Weekend Sessions (Saturday & Sunday)
Session 1: June 8-June 23
Session 2: July 6-July 21
Session 3: August 3-August 18

Swim Starters A (Parent & Child 6-17months) 11:00am-11:40am

Swim Starters B (Parent & Child 18-36 months) 10:10am-10:50am

Stage 1 Water Acclimation – 11:50am-12:30pm Preschool & School Age, 1:30pm-2:10pm Preschool & School Age

Stage 2 Water Movement – 12:40pm-1:20pm Preschool & School Age, 2:20pm-3:00pm Preschool & School Age

Stage 3 Water Stamina – 11:00am-11:40am Preschool, 11:50am-12:30pm School Age

Stage 4 Stroke Introduction – 11:00am-11:40 School Age

Stage 5 Stroke Development – 10:10am-10:50am School Age

Stage 6 Stroke Mechanics – 10:10am-10:50am School Age