Anyone Can Drown. No One Should: World Drowning Prevention Day

1b. World Drowning Prevention Day FB TWAnyone can drown. No one should. July 25 is World Drowning Prevention Day, set forth by The United Nations (UN) and World Health Organization (WHO).

The Central Connecticut Coast YMCA is joining in on raising drowning prevention awareness as a public health issue. Visit to learn more about this global campaign, six low-cost, evidence-based interventions and what you can do in your household and local community.

In 2023, the 76th World Health Assembly adopted its first ever resolution on drowning prevention. The resolution accepts the invitation of the UN General Assembly for WHO to coordinate actions within the UN system on drowning prevention and facilitate the observance of World Drowning Prevention Day on July 25 each year.

Drowning has caused over 2.5 million deaths in the last decade. Globally, the highest drowning rates occur among children aged 1–4 years, followed by children aged 5–9 years. The human, social and economic toll of these losses is intolerably high, and entirely preventable.

The WHO is also raising awareness on the six evidence-based, low-cost drowning prevention interventions that countries and organizations can use to drastically reduce the risk of drowning. These include:

  • installing barriers controlling access to water
  • providing safe places away from water for pre-school children, with capable childcare
  • teaching swimming, water safety and safe rescue skills
  • training bystanders in safe rescue and resuscitation
  • setting and enforcing safe boating, shipping and ferry regulations
  • improving flood risk management

On World Drowning Prevention Day, discover how the Central Connecticut Coast YMCA can help your family be safe around water year-round.

Five Ways to Celebrate Summer Learning Week with the Y!

1b. Summer Learning Week FB TW 1Summer Learning Week is July 15-19 and the Central Connecticut Coast YMCA is excited to share five ways you can keep your family learning all summer long!

Fostering Friendships

The pandemic’s impact on youth has been startling, and the U.S. Surgeon General has raised a flag on young people’s mental health. The science of learning and development tells us that relationships are key for addressing trauma and helping kids thrive. Forging and fostering friendships over the summer can lead to limitless opportunities and cherished memories for young people.

Love of Literacy & Learning

Reading is fun! It’s also critical to a child’s success in school, and in life. Empower children to immerse themselves in a literary adventure. It can take place anywhere, under a tree, in a makeshift tent or in a child’s favorite nook. Let imaginations run wild with amazing stories this summer.

Wonders of Wellness

Healthy bodies and healthy minds go hand-in-hand when it comes to learning. Summer is the perfect time to get children on their feet, moving and eating healthy. Studies have found that elements of wellness, such as hope and gratitude, improve academic performance!

Summer Skill-Building

Ready, Set, Succeed! Support a student in charting their course for success during and beyond high school. A summer job, internship, mentorship or plan to pursue higher education, sets our future leaders on a path to change the world.

Amazing Arts

Research confirms that the arts prepare students for school, life, and the workplace. With the right plan, summer can be the perfect canvas for creativity and self-expression through music, literature, dance, theater, visual arts and more. Spark the imagination this summer to unlock the power of amazing arts.

The Y Is Prepared for Summer Camp

Snoopy 1

With an Assist from Beagle Scout Snoopy – Summer Means Exciting New Camp Adventures for Kids in our community!

As spring turns into summer, the Central Connecticut Coast YMCA —along with national YMCA partner Peanuts and outdoor-loving Beagle Scout Snoopy—are excited to offer a wide variety of upcoming programs to keep kids active, engaged, and healthy all summer long.

Peanuts Worldwide is helping the Y increase summer camp access across the globe so more kids can experience the adventure. Learn more here.

“The social, emotional and physical benefits that camp provides are so important, and we’re thrilled to be able to open and to help children and teens build lifelong connections and confidence,” said Tim Bartlett, CCCY President & CEO. “In our summer camp, kids are in a welcoming environment where they can belong, they’re building relationships, developing character, and discovering their potential. We really encourage parents to give their kids the gift of camp to keep them active and engaged all summer long.”

“We are delighted to help make the Y’s healthy and fun-filled summer activities available to more children around the world,” said Melissa Menta, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications for Peanuts Worldwide. “The kind of joyful outdoor adventures that pop up throughout the Peanuts comic strip should be accessible to children everywhere.”

Summer Camp offers four key benefits through which children can have the experience of a lifetime this summer:

Kids Discover the Fun and Freedom of Outdoor Activities

Summer is a time for kids to explore, stretch, play, and imagine. Every day is a new adventure, with outdoor and sports activities.

Kids Discover Their Hidden Talents

Kids discover hidden talents and passions they never knew they had, thanks to artistic, creative, and STEM activities.

Kids Discover New Social Skills and Self-Confidence

There is a host of activities and programs that broaden kids’ perspectives, strengthen their character, and develop their leadership skills.

Kids Discover New Friends!

Through engaging group activities and play, kids naturally make new friends—and together they have tons of fun as they tackle new adventures each day!

For additional information, including registration and scholarship information, please visit the CAMP pages of our web site. Financial Aid may be available.