Leadership Development

Computer Instruction (Ages 5-18)

Basic computer skills are taught to every child, from simple tasks to turning on the computer and how to use the mouse to understanding certain applications such as Microsoft Office.  Learning how to successfully operate specific software and hardware is important for their future education and careers.

Communication Skills (Ages 6-18)

Effective communication skills are important at any age.  We all use communication to express ourselves, connect with people and get ideas across.  Learning how to do this clearly, concisely and effectively is essential for everyday life.

Decision Making

Life is a series of decisions, big and small, that affect our future.  With this class we teach children the importance of making the right decision and how to make them.  Teaching them strategies to better use their cognitive reasoning helps ensure better judgment is used in all of their decision making.

Violence Prevention

This program is intended to keep children off the streets and away from violence.  Keeping our kids at a safe haven like the Y is our #1 priority.

Drug & Alcohol Prevention

Keeping the kids away from violence is not enough.  We also keep kids away from drugs and alcohol so they are less likely to get into trouble down the line.

Job Readiness

This class helps older youth prepare for the job world.  Helping them learn

Vocational Skills (Ages 6-18)

Teaching kids vocational skills can be helpful for a number of different careers.  Whether these skills entail manual or training abilities they can be used in a variety of different jobs.

Educational Workshops

AGES: 4 – 12

Our After-School programs offer a wide variety of Educational Workshops, ranging from reading and writing skills, math skills and even manners.  Our workshops are intended to help children get a boost in their educational experiences.

Field Trips

AGES: 4 – 12

We offer a variety of field trips from local museums to movies which are intended to be both educational and culturally enlightening.