Good Food Changes the Mood

The “International Cuisine” Culinary Group This group studies the various types of cuisine of the world, as students are exposed to history, cultural influences, and common recipes. Students will learn and demonstrate culinary art skills used within various geographic regions around the world. We will explore the traditions, customs, techniques, and major ingredients in specific […]

Fun With Friends

Y Leaders Club Calling all Milford and Valley teenagers!  Virtual Meetings on Wednesdays at 6:150pm on Zoom. Leaders Club provides high school students with extensive leadership training, offering opportunities for service to the YMCA and the community. Leaders Club also serves as a recruiting program for future Y professionals! We are here to develop leaders, […]

Unlimited Potential

TEEN LEADERS CLUB “A good leader inspires others with confidence in him; a great leader inspires them with confidence in themselves.” Leaders is a Nationwide YMCA program for teens ages 13-18 that teaches leadership skills through community service, volunteerism, and personal growth. New leaders can participate in two meetings before making the decision to join. In […]

Girls Circle

Ages: Girls, 9 – 13 Girls are strong, courageous, and confident. Girls Circle gives girls a safe, caring environment, and encourages self-confidence, authenticity in relationships, and judgment skills. This is a facilitated support group. Day & Time: Tuesday 5:00-6:00PM Cost: Member: Free Non-Member: $80

Leadership Development

Computer Instruction (Ages 5-18) Basic computer skills are taught to every child, from simple tasks to turning on the computer and how to use the mouse to understanding certain applications such as Microsoft Office.  Learning how to successfully operate specific software and hardware is important for their future education and careers. Communication Skills (Ages 6-18) […]

Youth and Government Program

Youth and Government is a national YMCA group that involves thousands of teenagers worldwide in programs that model their state government.  The New Haven YMCA has been participating in the Youth and Government program since 2006.  Between October and March of each year, the teens in the Youth Center meet once to twice a week […]