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The Y. For A Better Us

Annual Campaign

Bringing people together looks different now and so does the ALPHA COMMUNITY SERVICES YMCA, a branch of he Central Connecticut Coast YMCA. The Y is here, helping those in need in so many ways. Since the global pandemic caused havoc on the communities we serve, the Y has continued to serve. We refocused our mission work to meet the critical demands of our community by expanding homeless outreach, providing meals to our shelter families so they can stay in place, helping the food insecure with meal and grocery pickup/delivery services and providing client families with educational resources for the children.

Everyone needs an “us” to help build their life. For many, “us” includes family, friends, and community organizations. Others, may not be so fortunate. For the homeless, the ALPHA COMMUNITY SERVICES YMCA becomes their “us,” helping them to better navigate their life journey.

Like anyone, each individual who experiences housing insecurity has encountered different circumstances and has unique needs. The Y is committed to ending homelessness by addressing the basic human need for shelter, dignity, and self-sufficiency by providing a range of housing opportunities and supportive services.

The ALPHA COMMUNITY SERVICES Y partners with other community agencies to create a collaborative network to assess, refer and meet the housing needs of Bridgeport families. Now, more than ever, we need each other. Supporting each other is how we will get through this.

When you donate to the ALPHA COMMUNITY SERVICES YMCA, you are making a difference in the lives of many displaced families in our community.

Youth Development

All kids deserve the opportunity to be empowered to reach their full potential. We see every interaction with young people as an opportunity for learning and development—all grounded in the Y’s core values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility.

Healthy Living

We help individuals build and maintain healthy habits for spirit, mind, and body in their everyday lives. By helping we improve their health and well-being. We build a stronger community.

Social Responsibility

With our doors open to all, we bring together people from all backgrounds, to support those in need. We take on the most urgent needs in our community and inspire a spirit of service in return. Our clients, volunteers, supporters, partners, and staff demonstrate the power of what we can achieve by taking action and giving back together.

Donate for a better us.

Every dollar donated to the Alpha Community Services YMCA stays in our community and goes directly to serving families in need.

  • $250 Gives meal expenses to individuals in our care
  • $500 Provides a shelter family with basic living need items
  • $1000 Helps to furnish the home of a newly housed family
  • $2000 Gives shelter, warmth, and safety for 5 families for 2 weeks

The Y. For a better us.

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Your generosity and the generosity of other like-minded members of our community is the core of our organization’s success. Volunteer opportunities at the Central Connecticut Coast YMCA run the gambut, from one-time commitments such as working to raise funds to support our Financial Assistance programs, to helping at a special event, to longer-term opportunities such as coaching youth and teen sports and tutoring youth.


The YMCA offers volunteers a chance to improve the lives of children and families and to make our communities stronger. In addition to feeling great about your efforts, volunteers have the opportunity to:

  • Experience personal growth
  • Create opportunities for your neighbors to participate at the Y
  • Give back to the community through service to others
  • Explore and/or discover a hidden passion
  • Expand knowledge and skills through training and hands-on experiences
  • Fulfill community service requirements for school credit
  • Develop new relationships and make friends
  • Gain community service experience to add to college, financial aid, scholarship and employment applications
  • Learn, grow and HAVE FUN!

Volunteers are critically important to carrying out our mission, so we ask our program volunteers to go through an application and screening process similar to that of our paid staff members. You are a part of the team! This process ensures that the best fit is made between you and the program you are working with, while also ensuring we adhere to our safety protocols.


Volunteer Leadership

Focused on creating lasting personal and social change for our community

The Alpha Community Services YMCA is governed by our Board of Managers that consists of volunteers from throughout our local community.

  • Lin Christie, Chair
  • Michael Leone, Treasurer
  • Sabine Kuczo, Secretary
  • Claire Burns
  • Jacob Cedusky
  • Steven Chin
  • Will Farmer
  • Ashley Hammill
  • Paul Hirsch
  • Tyrone McClain
  • Patrick McGrath
  • Renee Noren
  • Ed Piendl
  • Louis Procaccini
  • Timothy Romano
  • Christopher Rosario