Permanent Supportive Housing

Each individual who experiences housing insecurity has encountered different circumstances and has unique needs. ACS Y works hard to tailor its services to address those needs. For clients who need more than temporary shelter, ACS Y provides extended case management through permanent supportive housing (PSH) provided in a variety of settings encompassing hundreds of units. Partnering with community resources, case managers help clients access applicable financial supports like Social Security Disability, and services like healthcare, counseling, or job training. Many programs are offered on site and include enrichment and self-care options.

PSH serves to create its own community, case managers are available just to chat, or to talk a client through a life situation, for example, working out a landlord-tenant issue. In addition, social activities stimulate social bonds. In this supportive environment, clients take more initiative, contribute, and help others.

Two of ACS Y ‘s many community partnerships are designed to address other specialized needs. SSVF assists veteran families in maintaining housing or rapidly re-housing. With funding from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, ACS Y, The Workplace, New Reach, and Workforce Alliance collaborate to deliver case management for eligible families in our area. The Bridgeport Housing First (BHF) model uses a targeted approach to reduce homelessness. Partners Operation Hope, New Reach, Supportive Housing Works, and ACS Y collaborate with Park City Communities using service-enhanced project-based Section 8 housing.Areyto Apartments

Areyto Apartments

665 Arctic Street, Bridgeport
203 394 9933

Located on the East Side of Bridgeport, the Areyto Apartment Building is a three-story structure with twenty apartments to provide supportive adult housing. ACS Y offers social service consultation and property management.

810 Boston AveBoston Avenue Supportive Housing Apartments

810 Boston Avenue, Bridgeport
203 366 2809

The Boston Avenue Supportive Housing Apartments include twenty-four apartments that provide adult supportive housing. Alpha Community Services YMCA provides on-site services.Boston Ave 1708

Boston Avenue

1708 Boston Avenue, Bridgeport
203 366 2809

Also on the East Side of Bridgeport, the 1708 Boston Avenue Apartment is home to three units of supportive housing for chronically homeless families. A Case Manager employed through the Bridgeport Housing First Collaborative provides social services. Crescent Street

The Crescent Building

431 Washington Avenue, Bridgeport
203 336 6571

The Crescent Building offers thirty-eight apartments that provide supportive housing for adults. Located in the Hollow Section of Bridgeport. This project was one of ten Supportive Housing Demonstration Projects across the State of Connecticut started in 1997. Alpha Community Services YMCA provides on-site services and case management.

Fairfield ApartmentsFairfield Apartments

1062 Fairfield Avenue, Bridgeport
203 331 0067

The Fairfield Apartments consist of thirty-four apartments that provide adult supportive housing. The Fairfield Apartments are also one of the ten Supportive Housing Demonstration Projects across the State of Connecticut started in 1997. Alpha Community Services YMCA provides on-site case management services.

Harrison Street ApartmentsHarrison Apartments

651 State Street, Bridgeport
203 579 7612

The five-story Harrison Apartment Building, commonly referred to as the State Street Apartments, has one-hundred-and-two apartments that provide supportive housing for adults since 1996 through the efforts of on-site Case Managers. The Bridgeport YMCA adjoins the Harrison Apartments on the south side.

Hernan’s Haven for Youth

1054 Boston Avenue, Bridgeport

Hernan’s Haven for Youth, an 11 unit permanent supportive housing center, will provide housing for young adults 18 to 24 years old, as well as, employment training and college prep.

The Franklin

Franklin Apartments12 Garden Street, Bridgeport
203 330 0454

In an effort to fulfill its mission, ACS-Y works as a catalyst for promoting partnership initiatives with private and nonprofit developers, private investors, housing authorities and other public agencies, resulting in an increase of supportive housing units targeted to homeless and at-risk of homeless populations. The Franklin Apartments is an example of such efforts, offering forty-eight units of supportive housing.

Clinton Avenue Apartments

The Clinton Avenue Apartments have 2- and 3-bedrooms. The apartments are on a fenced, private, family-friendly lot within walking distance of a high school, elementary school and the Bridgeport Y for child care and swim lessons. Public transportation is close, yet a grocery store and medical facilities can be accessed by walking. Designed so that families will to continue to receive support services from the Y.


Clinton Commons

70-105 Clinton Avenue, Bridgeport
203 330 0454

Clinton Commons, is another example of a partnership initiative, thirty-two units of supportive housing. ACS Y provides social services on-site.

Jessica Tandy ApartmentsJessica Tandy Apartments

814 Park Avenue, Bridgeport
203 366 2809

The Jessica Tandy Apartments are located in the South End of Bridgeport and adjoin the Harrison Apartment/Bridgeport Branch Y property. This fairly new development provides housing for six families with special needs and/or co-occurring disorders (mental health disabilities and chemical addictions). ACS-Y employs a Case Manager to provide social services. There are six two-bedroom, two-story units.

Washington Park 2 Rev

Washington Park 1 Rev

Washington Park Apartments

Kossuth Street, Barnum Avenue and East Washington Avenue, Bridgeport
203 366 2809

The Washington Park Apartments are comprised of ten historical homes with thirty-six units of family supportive housing. The Washington Park Apartments are located around the perimeter of Washington Park in Bridgeport, CT. An Alpha Community Services YMCA Case Manager delivers social services to the residents.

West Village ApartmentsWest Village Apartments

52 Howe Street, New Haven
203 624 8195

The West Village Apartment Building is a four-story structure including one-hundred and twenty-seven apartments that provide supportive housing for adults. The building was constructed in 1929 and includes the New Haven YMCA Youth Center and the Association Offices of the Central Connecticut Coast YMCA. The West Village Apartments are located in the Dwight neighborhood in New Haven. The Connections Inc. provides social services to the residents of West Village Apartments.