Carmen I. Colón, MSW, Vice President – Bridgeport Ys


MariaStar Ayala, AS, Washington Park Permanent Supportive Housing Case Manager

Dwight Binns, RRH/BHF Case Manager  

Vanessa Avalos, BA, Harrison Apartments Case Manager

Sabina Cardoso, MS, Sr. Director of Transitional Living Services

Aida Cubero, Senior House Manager for Families in Transition

Kwamia Dorleans, AS, Harrison Apartments Case Manager

Yvette Embry, BA, Crescent Apartments and Fairfield Apartments Case Manager

Grisselle Gonzalez, BS, Permanent Supporting Housing Case Manager

Erika Hernandez, Case Manager, Franklin Apartments and 810 Boston Ave Apartments

Elizabeth Hughes, BS, CAN Navigator

Denise Kilic, BS, Navigation Case Manager

Trevor MacDonnell, BS, Franklin Apartments and 810 Boston Avenue Apartments Case Manager

Silvia Narvaez, BS, Housing Exits Manager 

Mario Ramirez, MSW, Housing Coordination Specialist

Melissa Rosado, MSW, Senior Director of Quality Assurance and Administration

Shayla Valderrama, Navigation Case Manager

Maria Valentin, District Operations Director, Bridgeport Ys

Gabriela Vera-Pani , BS, Franklin Apartments and 810 Boston Avenue Apartments Senior Case Manager

Katharine Weldy, MS, Senior Program Director of PSH for Individuals

Michelle Wright, MSW, CAN Navigator

Vanese Worthy, BS, Crescent Apartments and Fairfield Apartments Case Manager

Volunteer Leadership

The Alpha Community Services YMCA is governed by our Board of Managers that consists of volunteers from throughout our local community.

  • Louis Procaccini, Chair
  • Michael Leone, Treasurer
  • Sabine Kuczo, Secretary
  • Claire Burns
  • Jacob Cedusky
  • Steven Chin
  • Lin Christie
  • Mary DeNure
  • Melania Falcon
  • Will Farmer
  • Ashley Hammill
  • Paul Hirsch
  • Tyrone McClain
  • Renee Noren
  • Ed Piendl
  • Pamela Ralston
  • Timothy Romano
  • Christopher Rosario
  • Jason Schechtman
  • Barbara Szabo
  • Laura Wilkins