Carmen I. Colón, MSW, Vice President – Bridgeport Ys

Teri Brown, BA, JD, Senior Director of Quality Assurance and Administration

Claribel Coreano, MS, Senior Director of Clinical Services for Permanent Supportive Housing

Melissa Cosgrove, BA, Franklin Apartments and Jessica Tandy Case Manager

Carol Cruz, BS, Families in Transition Case Manager

Aida Cubero, Senior House Manager for Families in Transition

Bruce Cunningham, Bridgeport Supportive Housing Case Manager

Gregory Doms, BA, Franklin Apartments Case Manager

Angelica Hector, BA, Bridgeport Housing First Case Manager

Denise Kilic, BS, Family Navigator and Case Manager

Karla Lamoutte, BA, Social Services for Veteran Families Case Manager

Brandi Lett, MS, Families in Transition Case Manager

Jorge Marrero, Facility Director

Silvia Narvaez, BS, Bridgeport Housing First Case Manager

Carl Palmer, BS, Harrison Apartments and Boston Avenue Apartments Case Manager

Mario Ramirez, BS, Harrison Apartments Case Manager

Marlon Ramnanan, BS, Harrison and Boston Avenue Apartments Case Manager

Erin Russell, BA, Operations Director

Carl Russo, Franklin Case Manager

Hannah Smith, BSW, Harrison Apartments, Washington Park Case Manager

Jomarie Vargas, MS, Senior Director of Transitional Living

Gabriela Vera, BS, Harrison Apartments and Washington Park Case Manager

Katharine Weldy, BA, Program Director for Bridgeport Supportive Housing

Volunteer Leadership

The Alpha Community Services YMCA is governed by our Board of Managers that consists of volunteers from throughout our local community.

  • Patrick McGrath, Chair
  • Michael Leone, Treasurer
  • Sabine Kuczo, Secretary
  • Nicolas Ancel
  • Claire Burns
  • Dennis Cahill
  • Jacob Cedusky
  • Lin Christie
  • Lillie Ennis
  • Paul Hirsch
  • Tyrone McClain
  • Renee Noren
  • Ed Piendl
  • Louis Procaccini
  • Timothy Romano
  • Christopher Rosario
  • Nash Simcoe