Andrew Bramlett, Executive Director

Lydia Struzik, Membership Director

Joanne Orenstein, Director of Health & Wellness

Kathleen Riley, Youth and Family Services Director

Patty Fogle, Child Care and Camp Coordinator

Hunter Kay, Gymnastics Director

Ashly Ninke, Gymnastics Coach

Volunteer Leadership

The Lakewood-Trumbull YMCA is governed by our Board of Managers that consists of volunteers from throughout Trumbull and Monroe.

  • Amy Arnone
  • Diana Chiota
  • Claudia Cirillo
  • Heidi De La Rosa, Secretary
  • Vince Fini, Immediate Past Chair
  • Sujata Gadkar-Wilcox
  • Courtney Headley
  • Dana Lonergan
  • Jay Orenstein
  • David Raymond
  • Jeff Santee, Chair
  • Glen Snajder

Lakewood-Trumbull Y Background

The Lakewood-Trumbull YMCA (originally known as the Trumbull YMCA) was founded in 1955 and originally located on Pequonick Street in Trumbull CT. In 1957, the Y moved into the Plumb Building, formerly known as the Old Town Hall. In 1959, the YMCA of Greater Bridgeport purchased 47 acres of property in the Stepney section of Monroe. At the time, the property was known as the Lakewood Estates and was primarily used as a vacation spot for New York residents. In the summer, the site was used as a music camp for area children.

Throughout the 1960s, both the Trumbull YMCA and the Lakewood Outdoor Center flourished as camp and programming became increasingly popular. By 1970, the Trumbull YMCA had outgrown the Plumb Building and the branch was moved to the Lakewood property after the existing Manor House was converted into an office building. Two additional pools were added to the facility and new outdoor structures were added for day camp. In 1971, the branched changed its name to the Lakewood-Trumbull YMCA. By the end of 1970s, the camp and outdoor center had tripled in size and the YMCA became a major part of the surrounding community. By the 1980s, programming had grown so much that another expansion was necessary.

In 1987, the YMCA began leasing the old Long Hill Fire Station on 14 Meadow Road in Trumbull. The space was used for gymnastics, dance, fitness, and other adult and youth programs. By 1990, over 7000 area residents were participating in YMCA programs. In 1996 and 1997, the Lakewood-Trumbull YMCA Girl’s Travel Basketball Team won the Fairfield County Cluster Tournament and in 1996 the competitive gymnastic team began its streak of four consecutive State Championships. In 1997, the Lakewood-Trumbull YMCA once again realized it was time to expand. Thus began three years of extensive planning and fundraising that resulted in the opening of the Lakewood-Trumbull YMCA Family Program Center on Trefoil Drive in Trumbull in March of 2000.

The Lakewood-Trumbull YMCA now boasts over 1400 facility members and over 10,000 program participants. The Y offers over 100 different programs for every age group. Camp Tepee services over 2000 children each summer and has become one of the most popular summer camps in the area. All facilities are filled with happy members as the YMCA continues to grow in the 21st century.