Youth & Families

At the Y, we believe that active children are happy children! Here are a few ideas to keep your kids learning, moving, and exploring the world around them are listed here. Try one as a family!

YMCA360 On-Demand and Live

Discover YMCA360, built for the whole family, from youth sports to the arts, and build confidence and creativity.

YMCA360 is an on-demand video platform for you, your children and your family. YMCA360 offers numerous programs, classes, youth sports training, well-being classes and more to serve you and your family wherever you are. Tap into Kids Yoga, Arts – Culinary, Visual, Performing, Graphic and Literary; STEM activities, ESports and Family Nutrition. Whether you are at home or visiting friends and family, take the Y with you.

These programs are free to all full-facility members of the Central Connecticut Coast YMCAs.

From your desktop, laptop, tablet, smart tv or mobile device, YMCA360 is available wherever you are with an internet connection. Instructions for access:

  • Please visit
  • Click the login button
  • Enter your email address, click continue
  • Enter your zip code, click continue
  • Click your YMCA
  • You will receive a 6 digit email code, via email
  • Enter this code, click continue
  • You will be let in!

Please reach out to the Y with questions. If you have a recommendation for a new program, please let us know.



Children can be challenged so they are critical thinkers, make predictions and become inventors. Try some of these activities at home.

How about making a healthy snack?

Safety first!

Gardening anyone? 

  • Alpha Community Services YMCA, Claribel Coreano – Gardening. Although the contest is over, you and your children might enough this program.

Coping Ideas for Families

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed due to homeschooling and the lack of resources, please watch this segment created by undergraduate Fairfield University social work students, created as part of their internship with the Alpha Community Services YMCA. Families have spent a lot more time at home with their children. Many challenges have arisen such as discipline, managing school work and finding activities to entertain the children – that are safe and healthy. The interns, Brigid Belger and Ibelkis Tejada under the guidance of Professor Tanika Eaves, created these videos to help families like you, learn new coping skills.

Please watch in English: 

Please watch in Spanish:

Arts & Crafts

palette silhouetteEvery child needs to feel creative.

It’s not just Arts and Crafts, it’s building connections, boosting self-esteem, encouraging self-expression and enhancing decision-making skills. We all need more of that!


silhouette of people exercisingChildren need to get their exercise and their jitters out

Being cooped up in the house, doing their school work…they need to burn off some energy!

  • ABC Planks,Woodruff Family YMCA, Jennifer Fleisher, Health & Wellness Director
  • Who Says Exercise Can’t Be Educational? Try our Central Connecticut Coast YMCA Family ABC WorkoutChallenge

Knowing how to be safe in and around the water is a life skill – like learning to walk or ride a bike. It’s impossible to offer swim lessons in a virtual environment but you put your feet in a learn water safety…


Who doesn’t love to hear story! Especially one read by a YMCA Teacher


It’s music to our ears from some of our favorite YMCA teachers

Fun With Friends

Y Leaders Club

Calling all Milford and Valley teenagers!  Virtual Meetings on Wednesdays at 6:150pm on Zoom.

Leaders Club provides high school students with extensive leadership training, offering opportunities for service to the YMCA and the community. Leaders Club also serves as a recruiting program for future Y professionals! We are here to develop leaders, fostering with them a culture of service in addition to knowledge and training that will help them better serve others and shape a healthy and productive life for themselves. Leaders Club meets once a week virtually, until the time we can meet in person.  Leaders Club provides a safe, genuine place for high schoolers and helps direct their energy to positive outcomes.

If you are interested in this great program please contact Ryan Leworthy at the Valley YMCA at or Nicole Servas, at the Woodruff Family YMCA at so we can send you the log on details for the Virtual Meetings.