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The Y. For a Better Us


Before Covid-19, families in Connecticut struggled to afford the cost of living, the cost of child care and the cost of enrichment    opportunities. Since the global pandemic began affecting all of our communities and the youth, adults and families who live within them, the Valley YMCA, a branch of the Central Connecticut Coast YMCA, met these challenges head on, and never stopped supporting those we serve.

The VALLEY YMCA stands by our commitment to serve ALL, and the success of our outreach and  impact depends upon the success of our Annual Campaign. The Y is a charitable non-profit organization committed to overcoming barriers of success for ALL.

The Y has been reinvented, and we have reemerged. We have helped to feed the hungry, held food, diaper and blood drives, cared for the children of emergency workers and altered programs to support virtual learning. The Y has met all of the Covid-19 challenges head on and will continue to serve our communities and their 2021 needs.

More families than ever need financial assistance to take part in Y programs. These programs are committed to build youth of strong character, close the educational achievement gap and improve health outcomes socially, emotionally and physically.

All contributions to the Valley Y provide direct financial assistance for ALL who need it. When you donate to the Valley Y, you help us best serve and respond to the  greatest needs in our  community.


Youth Development

All kids deserve the opportunity to discover who they are and what they can achieve, under the guidance of caring adults who believe in their potential. We see every interaction with young people as an opportunity for learning and development-all grounded in the Y’s core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility.

Healthy Living

We help youth and families build and maintain healthy habits for spirit, mind and body in their everyday lives. By helping youth and families from all walks of life improve their health and well-being, we build a stronger community.

Social Responsibility

With our doors open to all, we bring people together from all  backgrounds, to support those in need. We take on the most urgent needs in our community and inspire a spirit of service in return. Our members, volunteers, supporters and staff demonstrate the power of what we can achieve by giving back together.

Donate today for a better us.

Every dollar donated to the Central Connecticut Coast YMCA stays in our communities and goes directly to serving youth and families in need.

  • $1,000 Support operational expenses to keep the Y serving others!
  • $500 Support the Y to plan for the future, the community will need us more than ever!
  • $250 Support a working family by assisting with child care, before/after school.
  • $100 Support our Togetherhood team leaders to give back to the community.
  • $50 Support each other, every gift counts!
  • $25 Support essential training and education for our staff

The Y. For a better us.

Donate Now

Other Ways to Give

The generosity of others is at the core of our existence. Not everyone is able to make a financial contribution to the organization, but everyone has the opportunity to get involved. When you volunteer at the Y, you take an active role in bringing about meaningful, enduring change in your own community. As a volunteer, you’ll be working with other caring, committed people who want to make a difference in your community.

To get involved, call 203-732-5527.


What can I do?

Make a big difference!  The generosity of others is at the core of our existence.Volunteer opportunities at the Central Connecticut Coast YMCAs run the gambut, from one-time commitments such as helping at a special event to longer-term opportunities such as coaching youth and teen sports and tutoring youth.

Benefits of Volunteering with the YMCA

The Valley YMCA offers volunteers a chance to improve the lives of children and families and to make our communities stronger. In addition to feeling great about your efforts, volunteers have the opportunity to:

  • Experience personal growth
  • Give back to the community through service to others
  • Explore and/or discover a hidden passion
  • Expand knowledge and skills through training
  • Fulfill community service requirements for school credit
  • Develop new relationships and make friends
  • Gain community service experience to add to college, financial aid, scholarship and employment applications
  • Learn, grow and HAVE FUN!

Volunteers are critically important to carrying out our mission, so we ask our program volunteers to go through an application and screening process similar to that of our paid staff members. This process ensures that the best fit is made between the new volunteer and the program they are matched with, while also ensuring the safety.

Volunteer Leadership

Focused on creating lasting personal and social change for our community

The Valley YMCA is governed by our Board of Managers that consists of volunteers from throughout our communities.

  • Howard Olderman, Chair
  • Mary Ellen Price, Secretary
  • Christine Cooper
  • Jeff Gampel
  • Dave Pantalone
  • Donna Sennott